The Secret to Finding your Purpose and Meaning in Life. 

Do you remember this by Douglas Adam 
The answer to the ultimate question of life, the universe and everything is 42. 
Is this the secret ??? 
Well I suppose it could be - it was said as a joke by Douglas but many people have found meaning in this number , (which goes to show you can find purpose and meaning anywhere if you look. ) 
So maybe like me you have you spent many an hour of your life trying to think what your true purpose is - maybe you even came up with a great plan only to see that it slips away like a wish in the wind. 
Have you written lots of notes, thought a lot about the meaning of life to not even get a number !!! Have you listened to lots of podcasts or mp3s hoping for inspiration and meaning . Have you bought many a course or book that determines you will find that elusive purpose if only you fill out the form or complete the programme or sign up on the website - only to realise later that although you have come up with a purpose it feels hollow and contrived 
Have you thought and thought. Prayed , meditated on your purpose to get an answer and find that the answer feels wrong or just not there. 
I have done all these things and more especially when my life was not going so well. I I felt it would give meaning to my own suffering , peace of mind to the apparent unfairness of life. Something to build on and develop. I was even hoping for a deeper spiritual connection to a purposeful god or angel or anything really a pixie or even a goblin would have been ok . 
In fact my purposeful search was becoming more frantic until it almost became a problem in itself. Why should I bother if I have no purpose. What is the point anyway. I have spiritual beliefs but these seemed to come with no purpose either ! There seemed no hope until one day I was speaking to a friend who claims to live with no great purpose. , no game plan really other than to just be. He was probably my first realisation that mindful living is practical and helpful not just for Monks and Buddhists. he is a true living example of mindfulness and he doesn’t even know what it is. He has no religious or spiritual beliefs but he has a very fulfilled happy and successful life and career. He created his peace Without looking for a purpose or meaning. 
What was his secret then. 
Well he is a kind , grateful , interesting person who wants to be with his family and friends , enjoy his career as much as possible , experience as much as he can in life and tend to his vegetable plot ! (A hobby that came later in life and which took us all by surprise ) probably he just wanted to do it ! 
It seemed to me that Living his life in a positive productive way was his purpose. 
There was my awakening and it cost me nothing other than a chat with a friend. 
This is what I realised. 
To find your purpose stop looking and just live with the qualities that you desire. 
I desire kindness and fairness for the world. I desire to live with an open mind and keep discovering new possibilities. I desire knowledge and knowing. 
So all I have to do is align my every action with my desires. Always be kind. Always be fair. Always keep learning and passing on my knowledge. Live from my heart but take advice from my head. 
Once I started to change my perception on purpose and just live it my life has gained a purpose of it’s own. 
So thats the big secret 
The purpose of life is to live and experience and grow in whatever way is best for you. You don’t even need to think about how to do this or decide what is best for you. 
Just follow your passion and your purpose will be there . 
The way to your purpose is to give meaning to your actions  
Once you have discovered the secret the next step is to notice what it is that gives you joy and passion 
This is where mindfulness and meditation may come in. You can’t think yourself out of this one. 
There is no need to meditate on how to find your purpose just notice where your heart lies and you might realise that you have been living your purpose all along. 
It may be as simple as being king to everyone it may be that you like to nourish people or plants or animals. It could be to create a warm loving home for your family or it could be as unique as studying a rare beetle. Whatever it is you have probably been developing and growing it for all your life because you can’t fight a purpose. It will always be there. So to establish what your purpose is meditate on what matters to you. 
What is your meaning. 
Change happens 
The problem is and I don’t want to confuse things now we have just cleared them up but your purpose may alter and grow as life changes.  
This doesn’t mean you loose a purpose but that it may evolve. 
So there’s another good reason to just live your life , follow your heart and relax because it would be exhausting to try to keep up mentally with the process. 
If you are still confused by my explanation I would suggest you read the book by victor frankl called  
The search for meaning. 
Then it will all make sense. 
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