Why Kindness Matters  
The Dali llama has been quoted as saying 
"Kindness is my religion" 
Now although this is a beautiful statement by a very special man, I have to admit I was irritated when I read this quote. Not because of any other reason than it had always been my own mantra and I thought I had got there first ! Kindness was the only rule I had for my children (apart from drink lots of water ) and my own personal belief . 
So why was I annoyed ? and yes, I realise it wasn’t very kind of me or even sane to assume that he was plagiaristic ! It put a whole new meaning onto my own beliefs . Always think kind thoughts until someone annoys you !!! 
You see that’s the problem with kindness - its hard to keep going all the time . 
Anyway, I realised very quickly that the Dalai Lama had got to this kindness conclusion first and I have a sneeky suspicion now as I write this that I probably read his kindness quote somewhere and subliminally posted it into my mind as my own. The media is powerful for good and bad I suppose and his media is far greater than mine ! 
Just as well . 

The Secret to Finding your Purpose and Meaning in Life. 

Do you remember this by Douglas Adam 
The answer to the ultimate question of life, the universe and everything is 42. 
Is this the secret ??? 
Well I suppose it could be - it was said as a joke by Douglas but many people have found meaning in this number , (which goes to show you can find purpose and meaning anywhere if you look. ) 
So maybe like me you have you spent many an hour of your life trying to think what your true purpose is - maybe you even came up with a great plan only to see that it slips away like a wish in the wind. 
Have you written lots of notes, thought a lot about the meaning of life to not even get a number !!! Have you listened to lots of podcasts or mp3s hoping for inspiration and meaning . Have you bought many a course or book that determines you will find that elusive purpose if only you fill out the form or complete the programme or sign up on the website - only to realise later that although you have come up with a purpose it feels hollow and contrived 
Meditation is an approach to training the mind similar to the way you would train your body with exercise . 
It is a practise which means that you need to practise often to get the most benefits . (annoying but true ! ) 
The problem that people often have with starting a Meditation practise is that it is such a simple and quite frankly sometimes boring process that the long term effects can be totally underestimated. Sometimes you may need to keep remembering all the benefits that meditation has been scientifically proven to bring to keep you going. 
So, often my clients can get a bit disheartened with the apparent simplicity of the practise and can question if it is actually worth the bother and should we go and get a cup of tea instead ! I’ve thought this myself in the early days but something kept me going and I’m so glad I did because meditation has saved my sanity more than once . What always helped me at the start is to use the time in practise as my few minutes of paradise. I always made sure that I allocated the time to myself with no distractions even if it was only 10 minutes 
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