What is The Light Mind? 
The Light Mind is Calm, Positive and Resilient. 
It is Uncluttered. It is your Greatest Ally and Wisest Teacher. 
It is Yours. 

What is The Light Mind Holistic Hypnotherapy? 

As a method of self-healing, The Light Mind Holistic Hypnotherapy allows you to free your mind from the blocks and obstacles of past experiences, fears, traumas, worries or stresses that can cause unregulated emotions and negative attitudes. 
How Does it Work? 
Pure relaxation 
allowing you to access your inner thoughts, beliefs and feelings in order to process positive changes  
Sounds Simple, So Why Come to The Light Mind? 
Stressed? Angry? Struggling with poor sleep or suffering from health issues, unwanted habits, trauma, phobias or fears? Experiencing negative thoughts, trauma from the past or feeling overwhelmed or depressed? Perhaps you’re lacking in motivation or wondering where to turn? Or maybe you just want to learn how to best make use of those 5 spare minutes of *you time*? 
If any of the above sound familiar, then The Light Mind can help to equip you with methods and techniques needed to find purpose, meaning, healing and peace. 
Pure relaxation is something we have simply forgotten how to do. Between the never ending list of calls to make, errands to run, dogs to walk or children to care for it can be a struggle to find enough “alone time” to enjoy a cup of tea in peace, let alone finding enough time to re-learn how to truly relax! 
We all too often forget, or ignore, that our wellbeing extends to our mental state, but what if it was easy to find the balance? Well, that’s where The Light Mind Holistic Hypnotherapy comes in. 
We’ve done the years of studying, of applying and fine-tuning methodology, and of developing techniques and practices that really work so you don’t have to. 
The methods used in all The Light Mind sessions, courses and programmes take years of dedication, enabling us to create a  
truly personalised programme to suit your needs, time and personal circumstances. 
To access altered states in such a way allows your mind the time it deserves to rest, rejuvenate and to heal. 
Pure Relaxation = Positive Change 
How can I help you ?  

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