Holistic Hypnotherapy  The mind is the connection and communication system between the body, the brain and your Inner self. The light mind helps you to be aware of this communication, accept the messages, decide what is appropriate behaviour from the wisdom given and if necessary change habits and beliefs to more posiitive and empowering ones .   Successful living is the aim of Holistic Hypnotherapy, which allows calms thoughts, wise decisions and positive reactions.   I offer programmes and individualised support to help you manage your emotions in this turbulent world and find peace, calm and balanced thinking.  Please contact me for a free 20 minute consultation to see if the help I offer is suitable for your needs  

Who is it for? 
If you are struggling to control your emotions and find yourself Angry, Stressed, Depressed,Anxious or Overwhelmed then my methods can help . 
Light Mind Coaching 
Emotional management 
Emotions are the bodies way of speaking. They are our protection and communication system and when listened too and responded too wisely and in a balanced fashion they are our greatest support. 
However, they are programmed by our beliefs and altered and encouraged by our thoughts which are sometimes negative and unhelpful. 
Mind Coaching and my methods help you to listen to your bodies messages ,respond appropriately and helpfully and change any negative programming. 
If you feel Stressed, Burnt out, Angry, Overwhelmed, or Depressed, then these mind coaching techniques can help you regain balance and peace of mind. 
I help you to access altered states to allow for healing, pure relaxation, positive change and deeper intuition. 
The transcendent practises I use are; 
Creative Visualisation 
Directed healing 
Shadow Work 
Compassion meditation 
Passive Meditation 
The cost is £65.00 per session.. 
Mind Coaching De stress programme  
I will be using the techniques of NLP,Hypnosis. meditation ,mindfulness and coaching and the course can be individualised for your own particular needs. 
This is a totally holistic way of helping you with any health or mental wellbeing issues or stresses using all the skills I have learnt over the last 20 years. 
This course can be booked as a group session.  
Light mind Meditations 
Learn how to meditate  
I can offer this teaching as a 3 week short course or as an individual session, either booked as a group or separately . 
I believe and so far I have not been wrong that everyone can meditate 
If you are struggling or have never meditated before then maybe you just need to learn a few techniques . 
I personally started my meditation journey over 20 years ago in a buddhist centre and have been qualified to teach and holding group sessions for over 5 years now . Meditation has been a major factor in my own health and healing and my aim is to share this amazing technique with as many people as possible. 
I have developed over the years a unique method of reaching the trance state which I have found is effective even for those who find it hard to quieten the mind. 
I use a creative visualisation method of meditation combining the methods of Hypnosis, Meditation and Transendental Practises. 
The cost is £55.00 per session or £120 for the 3 week course. 
I run group meditations in Suffolk, Essex and London and can travel to your place of work.  
Light Mind Holistic Hypnotherapy  
Hypnotherapy uses the trance state --very similar to meditation. 
The difference with hypnotherapy is that is is often called to address a particular issue. 
I offer individual appointments to help you with unwanted habits, dealing with stress and difficult life situations and regression therapy to help release any old unwanted trauma. 
We are all Hypnotised from birth by our society,caregivers,schools and the media. I call my methods De Hypnotise beacuase I believe that your true self isnt lost it just needs to get past the conditioning that life has given you. You have all the answers you need when you tune into your own intuition. 
I have been a registered practising Hypnotherapist with The GHR now for over 20 years and love this method of support and help. 
Each session costs £65.00 
Light Minded Mindfulness 
Mindfulness at work and home 
A group course for all those participants who feel they need more mindfulness in their life. 
It is suitable for begginers and uses the principles of MBSR. 
The course is 6 weeks or I do a mini 3 week course for beginners and busy people . 
This has proven to be a vey succesful course which leaves the participants with tools for life. 
The cost is £20 per session. 
I can arrange for individual tuition if you would prefer. 
Light mind Corporate support 
Mental Health at Work  
This is a corporate programme to help you with all your business wellbeing needs .  
I provide a unique one day service of wellbeing support.  
I will come to your place of work and lead a group meditation and de stress session for any number of staff and management. 
I offer a one hour mental health awareness talk for all staff and mangers . 
For the remainder of the day I will be available to give support and advice to any member of your team on a one on one basis.  
As a trained and experienced Mental Health Professional I offer for your team Mental Health First aid , Hypnotherapy Councilling, Life Coaching and De Stress techniques .  
The full day costs £550 and can be booked for a single session or for 1 day a week or month on a regular basis . 
I am also available for half days at a cost of £300  

Request a call back or  Join my e mail list for montly updates and a free mp3  

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