What is the Light mind ? 
The light mind is a calm, positive and resilient mind . 
It is the uncluttered mind. 
It is your greatest ally and your wisest teacher . 
It is the de hypnotised mind. 
What is Light Mind Coaching ? 
Light mind coaching is a set of practises and healing methods that allows you to overcome any blocks or obstacles in your life caused by unregulated emotions and negative belief systems.  
I do this by helping you to access altered states to allow for healing, pure relaxation, positive change and deeper intuition. 
I use the Methods of Hypnosis, Meditation,Mindfulness.NLP and Mind Coaching . 
These are transcendent practises which means they are designed to go beyond the conscious mind to make changes . 
The Transccendent practises I use are; 
Creative visualisation 
Directed Healing 
Intuitive meditation 
Shadow work 
Compassion meditation 
Positive Mind Reprogramming 
The help I have devised is based on sound theories, scientific principles and my own intuition, knowledge, research and experiences. I believe in modern medicine yet I also believe that you may need to support your body , soul and mind in a natural holistic way for any medicines to work most effectively. 
I believe in balance in all areas. 
In all my methods the principles of the light mind are always central. 
Calm, positive and resilient. 
Without these firm foundations I believe any changes will be temporary and old problems may be replaced by new problems rather than solved. 
I believe that changes should be made first in the mind and then your life experiences will change. 
My main ethos is that your life is how you perceive it -not what is happening. You live your life in your mind so 
I think this is a very good place to start . 
Who would benefit from these methods? 
If you suffer from Excess Stress, Anger or Irritability, Inability to Sleep, Health Issues ,  
Negative thinking, Overwhelm, Depressed, or lack of Momentum and clarity in your life . 
Then I can help you find purpose, meaning, healing and peace.  
How can I help you ?  
Founder & CEO of the light mind 
I am a thinker, an explorer and my chosen destination is the light mind . 
A place of calm ,with positive thoughts and a resilient nature. 
I live a balanced holistic life and I understand the journey towards health and healing can be a rocky road. 
My methods have brought me personally back to vibrant living and I would love to share my findings , knowledge and experence to help you on your best path to move toward your health and happiness goals. 
Have I always been on this path - Well Yes but I have sometimes wandered off for a while , but thats ok we all wander a bit . 
I have wandered into the realms of fury and richeousness as a teenager, no fun for anyone but me …. 
A young mother was a challenging but a worthwhile phase followed by the overworked on the edge multitasker I managed in my 30s and 40s. 
Ive had my fair share of calamities, bad choices, ill health and casualties but to quote Oscar Wilde there was a purpose 
“A life spent making mistakes is not only more honourable ,but more useful than a life spent doing nothing “ 
Oscar Wilde. 
Doing nothing was never an option for me. 
I have been very busy experiencing lots of different ways of being and collecting a very eclectic and successful career history. 
Fashion buyer— teacher— entrepreneur— vegetarian cafe owner — therapist —wellbeing centre proprietor - 
There have been times of exhaustion, stress and darkness but there has also been great moments and times of pure joy, peace and happiness.  
This is my preferred path and I'm walking this now as much as possible. 
This I can do with the help of a particular fascination I have never wandered from.  
The path of wonder, of enquiry, of curiosity. 
I am and always have been an avid researcher of the mind. 
What exactly is the mind? How do we harness its great power to lead a more positive life? 
I have researched ancient religions, spiritualism, epigenetics, quantum theory, happiness, psychology and positivity. 
All with the same aim— to understand the light mind. 
Being kind is important to me so I like to share my findings. I practise hypnotherapy and NLP, I teach meditation and mindfulness the western way and I bring in Nature in the form of herbs, nutrition and Aromatherapy because I think it sits beautifully with science. 
I believe in healthy nutrition and a balanced diet and I have personally cured myself of autoimmune diseases and a very unbalanced body and mind by living with these principles .  
My theories and techniques do not subscribe to any religion. I have a totally open and enquiring mind. 
I am an explorer who likes to find my own way and then guide you to find yours. 
.I have spent a lifetime overcoming issues. I have spent a longtime wondering why I have eventually succeeded where others have struggled. I am truly happy and at ease with my life despite my experiences or maybe because of my experiences. What gives my life purpose is showing you how you can re find your contentment whatever is happening in your life. 
I invite you to join me on my journey — It may not be the easiest path but I can show you methods that will make your journey more fun and a great adventure and  
I can promise that the light mind is a clear light to follow. 
"All that we are is the result of what we have thought. 
If a man speaks or acts with a pure thought , happiness follows him , like a shadow that never leaves him " 
- Buddha 

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